Nokia Pro Cam and "Zoom Reinvented" on the Nokia Lumia 1020 (1)

This is the first post of another series of shots I'm planning, highlighting the possibilities of what Nokia has called "Zoom Reinvented". Making crops is nothing new, but being able to do so on the device itself, based on the full (or high) resolution original is really practical.

For this of course, you will need the Nokia Lumia 1020, since although there are many features of Nokia Pro Cam you can use on the Lumia 9xx devices, they don't have the sensor to provide you with a 34MP or even 38MP original. And that's what zoom reinvented is really all about.

This is part of a bit of a messy shot, but I like it - I made it this morning pressing the Nokia Lumia 1020 against the window of an antique shop. Later I opened it in the Nokia Pro Cam app to zoom in on a detail. The result I got on the phone is what you see here.


Now of course I could have edited it even further, but I thought it was already "antique" enough as it is. Here's the original (resized from the full resolution original) - like I said, it's shot through the glass of the shop window.

WP_20130830_09_28_12_Pro__highres 640 x 360

In case you'll find another detail in your shot you also like (or even more), you can still go back to the full-res original to zoom in again.

WP_20130830_09_28_12_Pro d 640 x 427

And  if you want to zoom in even closer, you'll return to the full res original and zoom in - again.

WP_20130830_09_28_12_Pro c 639 x 426

The more you zoom in, the smaller the picture size will become. Also, less amount of oversampling will be possible, hence you'll see more noise in the shot (as you can see above).

Once again, this was all edited on the phone. The only disadvantage is the phone will only keep your last edit and send the previous one to SkyDrive. Because I just didn't feel like going there, I had to hook the 1020 up to my computer to copy the crops directly for this post.

But it's not like previous crops are deleted - they're just "pushed" to SkyDrive, and you can always share the crops you like directly with others, of course. This is one of the great advantages of the Nokia Lumia 1020 I think. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think :-)

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