Nokia Time Warp X: unpacking both Nokia N95's, captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020

It's been a while... I published my last "Nokia Time Warp" in March this year. If you're not familiar with these series, it started in January with a series of shots unpacking the Nokia 7650. The idea of the Nokia Time Warp is to unpack an epic Nokia device from the past and capturing that with a device that is now "state of the art". In this case, the tenth of the Time Warp series,you'll see the unpacking of two epic devices from 2007: the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N95 8GB, captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020. I was lucky enough to be able to buy these two from two good PureViewClub friends who bought these from relatives. Both are in working and 100% mint condition - only some scratches on the boxes. I loved both the N95 and the N95 8GB. No - I adored them. I loved the design, the weight, the perfect fit for my hand. And although I had been a "mobile photographer" before the N95 came into my life, my passion was truly awakened by it and I've made thousands of shots with these two devices alone. Just like the N86, they could only shoot in 4:3 format and I never even missed 16:9 back then. This being a  "double bill", because I really love these devices and I'm thrilled to have finaly found them in this incredible mint condition, I made a ridiculous amount of shots - I really hope you'll appreciate them as well. In between you'll read a few comments.






We've included everything you'll need to get you going - that's also referring to an impressive amount of accessories. The N-series came with so much more than the standard accessories nowadays. This edition of the N95 even had a car charger in the box!


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And here's the N95 itself, captured from just about every angle. Please don't forget to admire how scratch free it is...



And there it is: the famous 5MP Carl Zeiss Optics... (with the "lens cap" open).


Also noteworthy: stereo speakers (on both sides of the device that is)



And of course a dedicated shutter button. Not having a touchscreen however, there was no other option in those days :-)





And yes: it really still works! :-)


This is a high-end smartphone in 2007. Nokia focussed on its "multimedia computers". With a Nokia N-series device, you had just about everything you needed in your pocket. Not just a smartphone, not just "mobile internet", but also a great music player and a fantastic camera - and you could play games on it as well (N-Gage!), but I never was a "gamer", so I guess I just missed all that :-) It didn't have a touchscreen however - as we all know now, Nokia's management made a dramatic mistake in underestimating the importance of the touchscreen. 2007 also was the year Apple launched its first iPhone. The rest, as they say, is history... Next up: the N95 8GB - the slightly younger, but even more impressive "brother", offering a slightly bigger design (from the looks of it) and much more storage: 8GB was a very serious amount back then (but you couldn't expand it with a memory card). Apart from design and internal memory, there's not much different between the two devices, but I totally preferred the 8GB version of the N95. I guess it looked more "masculin". If you want to compare both in detail, go to GMSArena.




Nokia obviously wanted to give the Nokia N95 8GB a more dynamic image, so you had to "Jump into action". That's probably why there was a Spiderman edition of the N95 8GB as well. I don't think it was featured in the movie (never saw it), but some editions came with the complete Spiderman 3 preloaded on the device.


Again, a lot of accessories - in matching colors where necessary.



Here I go again: the N95 8GB from just about every angle.


Notice you didn't need to open a lens cover before you could start shooting.









Simply irresistable to share a few close-ups...





And yes, this one still works, too! :-)




After making all these shots, it's tempting to start using the Nokia N95 8GB again, if only for sentimental reasons. Anyway, it will be interesting to make a few shots with the N95, the N8, 808 PureView and Lumia 1020, just to see how much progress Nokia  has made in the course of six years... That's for later though. For now, I'm looking forward to read how you feel about seeing these N95's again. Is it a sweet trip down memory lane? To me it is. Please don't hesitate to share what the N95 (8GB) has meant in your life below. And in case you missed them, here'you'll find alll "Nokia Time Warps":

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