Design by Nokia (1): the 8850

Knowing what a high-end Lumia smartphone has to offer these days, it looks like I must have been almost insane to drool over the thought of owning one of these. But I did, and I wasn't the only one, now more than a decade ago, to dream of the The Nokia 8850.

Its design comes from Frank Nuovo, the Italian American designer whose role in Nokia's popularity in the nineties (and later) can't be overestimated. From the Nokia 1100 up until the completely unaffordable Vertu smartphones, Frank Nuovo was responsible for Nokia's design. He developed the cellphone from being functional to being beautiful. Frank was the man who shaped Nokia.

I was never able to buy the 8850 however, and these aren't mine either. These Nokia 8850's - captured with the Lumia 1020 - are part of a collection of a friend I could borrow from (you've seen his 3310's already). I made quite a few shots and will only share the ones that bring me back to the days I really, really wanted one of these...








A little surprise: the antenna shows they grey one is not exactly the same model, but the 8890 :-)




So did you want one just as much as I did? Were you able to afford the 8850 (or 8890) back then? Share your memories below, you know I love to read about Nokia.

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