@evleaks leaks the Nokia Lumia 1520: will it have a bigger sensor?

Since you don't seem to be very enthusiastic about new shots from an old Nokia cellphone, here's a leaked shot from a new one - Nokia's rumoured Lumia 1520, as leaked by @evleaks - so we can be pretty sure it's real.

Lumia 1520

Check out that on this six inch display you can now have six icons in a row (blow-up below)

Lumia 1520 A

And as far as the camera is concerned, it has the same "bulge on the back" as we know from the Lumia 925. The device being bigger, that could mean it has space for a bigger sensor as well... What do you think? 12MP? 13MP? 16MP?

Lumia 1520 B

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