Damian Dinning's Nokia Lumia 1020 captures Chesterton Mill

I won't pretend I knew this place before - in fact (and I've written this a few times already) I love to think of PureView imaging as a focal point on the planet to show me things I would never have seen otherwise.

Chesterton Mill is one of the places I didn't know about. It's not a colourful cathedral, but I'm deeply impressed by it's 17th century (!) cylindric architecture and quite surprised I never did see any picture of it before. Up until recently, I didn't know it existed at all.

What makes these shots even more interesting to me - and I think to the visitors of this club - is that they were captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020 in the hands of Damian Dinning, former Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience at Nokia (I've written about him on a few occasions and I'm pretty sure you know who he is anyway).

I asked him for permission to share a selection of the shots he shared on Flickr, and he was happy to oblige. The shots you will see here are the resized versions of course, if you click the picture you will see the original shot on Flickr.

I could copy tons of facts about this remarkable mill from Wikipedia , I could make several crops, I won't. I just want to share the shots that really amazed me. A basic, yet very impressive architecture, captured with a fantastic smartphone camera in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing.

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 2

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 4

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 3

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 5

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 5a

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 6

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 7

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 10a

Damian Dinning - Chesterton Mill - 8

So much for my selection of Damian's shots. Did you know this Chesterton Mill existed at all? Don't you just love the way captured it as well? I'd love to read your comments below!

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