Should Microsoft keep the Nokia brand for its future Windows Phone devices?

This is off-topic since it doesn't have anything to do with PureView technology or Rich Recording. But I''ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now and I just want to share my thoughts - and I need your input I guess.

Although it's already clear that Microsoft will license the Nokia brand name for at least ten years to use on the "Asha and feature phones", apparently nothing has been decided yet on the use of the Nokia brand on future Windows Phone smartphones. To be more specific, here's what Chris Weber said on  Nokia Conversations:

"In factual terms, Microsoft intends to buy the right to use the Nokia brand on its phones for ten years. There’s a commitment now that this will happen for the Asha and feature phones business going forward. On smartphones, it’s more complicated and we’ll be seeking to create a unified brand across Lumia and other Windows based devices. But we’re still a long way from when that decision has to be made."

Now I'm not sure what that means - a unified brand for all Windows Phones from all different producers? Just pretending Nokia has left the market where it is leading by far? That would be a strange move, wouldn't it? Or is this about a unified brand for all Microsoft's tablets and netbooks...?

Nokia Quality small

Now I'm not a marketeer, but dropping the Nokia brand name in the Windows Phone 8 smartphone area does seem like quite an illogical thing to do. Nokia may have lost the lead in the smartphone industry, it still has an incredibly solid reputation. Not just the iconic Nokia 3310 was built like a tank. Nokia in general stands for devices with fantastic build quality, great design and ground-breaking innovation.

In my opinion it would be pretty insane (and an incredible waste of money) to simply drop such a positive brand awareness. But... What do you think?

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