Gorgeous time-lapse: sunset at a Finnish lake

Massis from France needed no less than 2164 shots from his Nokia 808 PureView to realize this incredibly beautiful time-lapse video at Viekijärvi, a lake in Finland.

Massis has become very good in making " long exposure" shots  like this one (using an additional ND filter), the technique he obviously used to realize this gorgeous time-lapse. He has a lot of other shots I think are worth your while, so that's why I'm sending you over to his Flickr page as well.

I've been sharing quite a few  time-lapse videos before, but this is the one that made me realize the Lumia 1020 really needs to get the "interval" setting in an update. It can't be too hard to implement, and the effect you can realize with it is absolutely stunning, as you can see below. Do not forget to choose 1080p (if your internet connection is fast enough) and watch this full-screen.

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