Nokia Pro Cam + Nokia Smart Cam = Nokia Camera!

Well, that's some very interesting news I got from the Nokia Fan Club on Facebook! I will quote their full post here:

Nokia CameraThe new Nokia Camera app will be available to all WP8 Lumia phones later this year. It combines all the features of Pro Cam and Smart Cam into one app. Non-PureView phones will not get all the features of Pro Cam when switched to Pro Mode, some features will only work on Lumia 920, 925, 1020, 1520, etc. The Nokia Camera app is preinstalled on Lumia 1520.

Nokia will officially unveil this app on October 22 when they announce Lumia 1520. Pro Cam and Smart Cam will be discontinued later as Nokia Camera will replace them. This news comes exclusively from @Nawzil. No other website has reported this yet .

Well, up until now. I checked with one of the admins of the Nokia Fan Club, and over there they are confident this is 100% sure. Remember: you read it here second :-)

Source via Nokia Fan Club

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