Petition: Release Symbian Source Code

Once again I'm going "off topic", but I feel sure you will like the news about a petition started today to ask Nokia and Microsoft to release the Symbian OS source does and latest builds to open source for development. You will find the petition here.

You should go there if you're interested, but I will quote the text for this petition as written by Eric Dempsey in Bad Neustadt, Germany.

Since Nokia cancelled all firmware updates for their Symbian phones & Microsoft probably has no intention to keep Symbian OS, because they are concentrating on Windows phones I hereby declare to wish for the release of Symbian OS source codes and latest builds to open source for development & functionality reasons for millions of symbian & s40 series users all over the world.

Symbian Os & Nokia's S40 series still cover 20% of mobile os shares worldwide according to " Statcounter - Global Stats". According to other Global statistic corporations, like Gartner & Canalys the world share of mobile os, depending on the used browser to log on to the web shows that Symbian still has over 20 million users.

A lot of these people have trusted Nokia as their phone provider for over 20 years these users paid lots of money to receive products that were long known as the best cell phones in the world, and they supported the Nokia Corporation and its Employees for a long, long time.

The biggest competitor in mobile Os already has open source projects and allows development and distribution all over the world. It would be a shame if the users of Symbian & S40 Series would be forced to change their phones, just because of functionality reasons, that some developers might be able to re-program and provide for others

And, it would be an environmental catastrophe, if over 20 million phones were thrown away in the next 2 – 3 years. So please sign this petition & keep symbian alive before it gets forgotten.

Again, you'll find the petition here.


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