International disappointment about Nokia's "more storage for specific operators"

Not long ago, it was Vodafone that could offer their clients a 32GB version of the Nokia Lumia 925. Recently, it's Telefonica being "unique" to sell the 64GB of storage in the Nokia Lumia 1020 - normally limited to 32GB. As we all know, these devices don't have a micro-SD slot, so the amount of storage offered really does matter...

I always said the deal with the Lumia 925 was far better for Vodafone than for Nokia, and in this case I feel even stronger about it: I'm dead sure many people in countries where Telefonica is not an option would love to spend more money on their Lumia 1020, as long as it has the 64GB storage.

But apparantly, this is a Telefonica only deal. Quite frankly speaking, I think it's insane, and I'm not the only one. Over at Nokia Conversations, many customers are screaming they would love to pay more for the 64GB version as well.

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Harry writes: "First, stop this exclusive carrier nonsense, it doesn't work. It alienates people more than attracting. Second, it's 2013, make the phone with microSD slot, or options for 64gb, you are selling a 41mp, add decent storage space in it for goodness sake."

Cosmin Petrenciuc from Romania is worried: "Does this mean that I will never see the 64GB variant in my country?"  Bjorn van Waas from the Netherlands: "64GB global! (and i prefer a additional SD card slot) wait for it (Netherlands). I 'll go immediate from android to that Nokia phone."

Tomipoika from Canada: "Yes, Nokia and MS please wake up! 128gb with an additional SD Card slot as well as a USB cable on the side to act like it does on the N8. Make it global release and unlocked! Seems like Canada is neglected with the high end phone. I am one of thousands that is willing to pay a premium price."

Jabberwolf adds: "I think Nokia doesn't understand that people are willing to pay more for the high end phone. They need to make the high end devices available to all markets and on as many providers as possible!!!"

Ziad Mohamed from Egypt: "Nokia I'm sorry, but the 64 Gb version should be global and be an option for all the people around the world...I live in Egypt and I want the 64GB Lumia 1020 :(" Similar cries come from Poland, Thailand, Russia and Finland. It's all on Nokia's own Conversations site - but probably not quite the kind of conversation they've been aiming for.

Of course, this site isn't responsible for Nokia's old-fashioned marketing strategies. And I can only hope that Nokia will leave it as soon as possible.

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