An Austrian in Barcelona - with a Lumia 1020

I have a friend in Vienna I've never met. His name his Wolfgang, he is a cook ( Warme Küche) and he loves PureView. Almost a year ago I wrote a post about the shots he made with the Nokia 808 PureView in his kitchen (" what's cooking"), this time he sent me some shots and a video from his trip to Barcelona - where he brought his Nokia Lumia 1020.

I will only share a few shots and the video here - you can find all shots on his dedicated set on Flickr. The shots I chose mostly have to do with food, but there's also one very lovely night shot.






A lovely atmosphere and great colors I'd say! You'll find some more of his shots on Flickr. Below you'll find the video that caught my eye as well. A spectacular surrealist video projection, especially designed for the front of the old classic building it's projected upon.

The only frustration I have with it it's way too short, but I guess Wolfgang got cramps after holding the camera this still over his head for so long... Other than that I'm quite sure you will like this video as well! Don't forget to choose 1080p and view full screen:-)

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