PureViewClub is now on Instagram

First I thought I should wait for post no. 920 (this is no. 896 by the way), but I didn't because I just felt like it doing it right away: joining Instagram as "PureViewClub".

Why? Since on the Nokia Lumia 1020 (and the Lumia 920/925 by the way) with Nokia Pro Cam it's easy to edit a shot you took in excatly 1:1 format, and I was tipped the app 6Tag gives the "complete Instagram experience". Well, let's see.

Now I never was a big fan of Instagram to be honest. First it was limited to the iPhone, making miserable shots look funny. iPhone cameras got much better, so Instagram suddenly became about sharing filtered shots (which doesn't really match my love for "PureView", although I do like an occasional filter or HDR shot to be honest - I'm not that much of a purist :-).

Next a large part of the Android community joined and part of the Apple community acted like there was an invasion of an inferior kind of people - that wasn't a very pretty sight either...

But now, armed with the Nokia Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8, I'll join Instagram as well, to see if this enormous social network is interested in what PureViewClub is sharing directly from the phone. In 1:1 format. With or without filters. Let's see what happens. This is the first shot (without filter :-)

First Instagram

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