The incredible reality of Daniel Cheong (1)

This is the first of two posts about photographer Daniel Cheong from Dubai. I have featured his work a few times already. but it never really ceases to amaze me. On Twitter he regularly shares his "Lumia 1020 High Resolution Samples" - and I asked him permission to share them all.

This first post is dedicated to his amazing shots from Dubai and Kuwait. I've shared a few of these earlier as well, but I think they fit very well in this post.

In his Twitter bio he writes: "'Straight Out Of the Camera' is a concept which I am not familiar with :-)". So I asked him how he works on his shots, to get these amazing results. He wrote me:

"I treat my Lumia 1020 the same way I do with my professional Nikon D800 DSLR camera. I always shoot with a tripod, always use the Shutter Delay to avoid camera shake when you press the shutter button (on the screen or mechanical). 

When needed (in low light and low contrast situation), I focus manually, and set the White Balance. I also always set the ISO to 100, which will produce minimal noise on the picture. And I always use Auto EV bracketing, which will them allow be to use a post processing method called 'Digital Blending', which will allow me to create images with a very high dynamic range."

These are his Lumia 1020 High Resolution samples from Dubai and Kuwait - resized versions, of course. You will find all these shots - and much more - on Daniel's Flickr account.


There's much more magic after the break! :-)












So much for this first selection - I feel quite sure you're just as impressed as I am. Like I said, you will find all these shots and more from Daniel Cheong on Flickr.

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