Hypnotizing video from busy traffic in Alexandria

A few weeks ago I shared some great shots from the young and very talented photographer  Mohamed Ahmed Saleh from Egypt. A few days ago he surprised me with a video he shot from his car with his Nokia 808 PureView. Not sure where this is, but my guess is it must be Alexandria since he lives there.

The video is called "Fast Forward", which is funny since it must take ages to get through the traffic he captured - coming from The Netherlands, the way people drive in other countries is almost frightning sometimes. Especially when you speed the video up like he did, using Sony Vegas Pro 11 as he writes on YouTube. The video was shot in 1080p 30fps and then converted to 24fps.

I think it's just fun to watch, and there's a lot more to see than in my videos from the car wash (both in this post). Like a tremendous amount of yellow taxis! :-) Chris Rea's On The Beach adds a very relaxing atmosphere to the hectic result. I loved watching it, hope you'll like it too (choose 1080p and full screen!)

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