Sensational smartphone Gigapixel panoramas, realized with Pano Assistent

It was a very simple message I received this afternoon: "Hi, as a regular reader of your blog I think the Gigapixel panoramas which I have created with the Lumia 1020 and the Nokia 808 might be interesting for you".

The sender was Harald Meyer, and in his Twitter bio you'll see he's the developer of mobile photo apps, e.g. CameraPro, PhotoFX, HDR Pro, PhoneTorch - and many more (see  here). I didn't realize that when I checked the link he sent me - and I can tell you his work is no less than sensational.

Here's a "simple" screenshot of a church you'd say. He writes "This panorama shows the church in Maria Anzbach, Lower Austria. The panorama was captured with a Nokia Lumia 1020 (Windows Phone 8) with 38 MP (4:3) resolution. The light conditions were very bad which causes plenty of noise." Click on the shot to view the original file - you'll probably not believe your eyes...

Harald Meyer - 1

I asked him a few questions to give you a bit more information about the app that makes this possible, Pano Assistent (in the link you'll see it's available for the Nokia 808 PureView and for Windows Phone 8, as well as for Android and iOS).

As soon as I receive his answers I will follow up on this post, but you should already know that (and I quote from here) "Panorama Assistant does not stitch panoramas but it assists in shooting perfect source images for panoramas which can then be fused using your favorite software such as Photoshop, Autopano, etc."

I'll share one more from his panorama's - not 360 degrees but nevertheless impressive. It's compiled of shots from the Nokia 808 PureView. This panorama shows the Vernagt Lake (South Tyrol) and below you'll see the complete picture (remember Twin Peaks? :-)

Harald Meyer - 2

Again, click the file to zoom in and move around in the shot. Now it's very tempting to just copy all his shots and link to them directly, but I won't - I'll just send you to his site for you to see all the examples he shares from there.

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