The return of the Lumia 1020 leather case

In my first post about the Nokia Lumia 1020, I shared a shot I received from a leather case which to my surprise got most of the attention - many sites and readers appeared to love its design (at the right)!

Later, I learned this cover completely disappeared from Nokia's portfolio, so I had to disappoint people in saying it probably was just a concept designed for the Lumia 1020, without going into production.

Later I was happy to share the leather cases by Mozo, also for the Lumia 1020 (check the link). I'm still hoping to receive one of those, so I can share shots like FoneArena just shared - but from the "original" case!

Now there is something fishy about it: it says "Lumia" on the lense cover, instead of "Nokia". And although the design looks very similar, I'm getting the impression it's another producer who was inspired by the original design - it was found in Hong Kong after all.

That doesn't mean the quality is mediocre of course, but the review over at FoneArena isn't exactly raving - I'll just add a few quotes: nokia-lumia-1020-leather-case-2 640x430

There is an opening on the back for the wireless charging contacts, which actually makes no sense because the wireless charging shell can’t obviously fit over the already thick leather case.


The sides have the buttons, again, made of silicon. You can notice the clear demarcation between the leather and the silicon here. The buttons don’t feel great at first, especially camera button, which requires a hard press, and there is no impression of a two-step when the button actually is. The other buttons are fine, but when it comes to the camera button, we’d have preferred a better moving button there.

It appears to be "a limited edition leather case and we have no idea if it will be available everywhere".



I now see this post is written by my Indian friend  Bharadwaj, designer of the PureViewClub logo - so all the more reason to  pay his post a visit! You'll have to if you want to see more shots than just the few I've shared :-)

Update: From some tweeps I now understand you'll get this cover as an accessory when you buy the Lumia 1020 in Taiwan.

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