A wooden duck and a spider - comparing no less than 5 (!) smartphone cameras (part 3)

In this post you'll find the last crops from two shots  I'll share from my mother's garden - no more flowers (what a relief that must be to some! :-) but just from a wooden duck and a nasty looking but harmless spider (the kind we always see here during the start of autumn).

Please see my previous post for earlier comparisons of the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Sony Xperia Z1 and LG G2 ( part 1 and part 2). You will find all the shots I show here in a dedicated set on Flickr as usual.

First, the wooden duck. I'll put it first because some people are terrified of spiders - you will see them after the break. Here's the LG G2 capture:

D LG G2 - Duck

Next: Nokia 808 PureView

D Nokia 808 PureView - Duck

Nokia Lumia 1020:

D Nokia Lumia 1020 - Duck 1

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

D Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Duck 1

Sony Xperia Z1:

D Sony Xperia Z1 - Duck 1

After the break, you will find the crops of these same shots, and - mind you - the crops from the spiders you might not want to see.

Here are the crops of the shots above, in the exact same order: G2, 808, 1020, S4 Zoom and Z1. Hover your mouse over the shot to be sure which one you're looking at. Click on them to see the original on Flickr.

D LG G2 - Duck CROPS 1280 x 720

D Nokia 808 PureView - Duck CROP 960 x 540

D Nokia Lumia 1020 - Duck 1 CROP 960 x 540

D Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Duck CROP 1280 x 720

D Sony Xperia Z1 - Duck CROP 960 x 540

And now - still not too late to leave this page for those who suffer from arachnofobia :-) - I'll get to shots I got from the spider.

First the resized shot from the Nokia 808 PureView original, after that you'll see I've turned the shots to landscape to make the crops from there (simply because it's easier to share the shots like that).

You'll find all originals (including the crops) on Flickr in a dedicated set.

S Nokia 808 PureView - Spider

Quite a nice little fellow, isn't it? :-) Here are the resized crops. LG G2 first.

S LG G2 - Spider CROP 1280 x 720

The Nokia 808 PureView

S Nokia 808 PureView - Spider CROP 1280 x 720

Nokia Lumia 1020...

S Nokia Lumia 1020 - Spider CROP 960 x 540

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

S Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Spider CROP 2560 x 1440

Sony Xperia Z1...

S Sony Xperia Z1 - Spider CROP 1600 x 900

As you can see, it's very hard to get the spider the exact same size when resizing the shot to fit 640 x 360 pixels. I hope the way I resized it gives you a good impression of the quality and colours of the devices used, otherwise, please do check the originals on Flickr.

Conclusions so far
Actually, I'm quite surprised by all of the devices shown here and in the previous two posts, in more or less perfect light conditions and the way they capture close-ups - which is mainly what I did in all of these last three posts.

In these conditions, it's hard to pick my own favorite, so I'll share some cautious general conclusions and leave it to the professionals among my club members to share their expert opinion.

- The Lumia 1020 tends to give a too light result under these circumstances - not "over saturated" as we're more or less used to, but simply too light? I really feel I need to change the exposure setting to get a more natural result.

- It would be a good idea if you could tell the Lumia 1020 to save the settings on Nokia Pro Cam you like best (like you can with the standard WP8 camera software). In this way you'll have to set everything as you desire each time you start up Nokia Pro Cam.

- The Nokia 808 PureView gives very natural colors, and the oversampling effect seems to be less apparant than with the Nokia Lumia 1020, which adds more sharpness to the picture. As all users know, it's not always easy to get the 808 to focus, and  the Lumia 1020 is much easier in that respect.

- On a side note: I'm sorry I simply forgot to make a full resolution shot with the Nokia 808 PureView of all subjects. It would have provided us with great material to compare with the high resolution result from the Lumia 1020 and the 20MP results from the Xperia Z1. I will think of it in the next time, promise (and remember I do keep my promises).

- I was really surprised by both Korean devices: the LG G2 I just received for a review and the Galaxy S4 Zoom do in fact give much more satisfying results that I would have expected based on earlier reviews. In conditions like these, I think there's not much to complain about them as far as colours and sharpness are concerned.

- I could get remarkably close with the LG G2, something I already knew from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. I'm looking forward how they perform in other conditions.

- I'm not really sure about the Sony Xperia Z1 yet. It gives very satisfying results in general, but it sometimes fails to capture as much detail as I would have hoped for. I guess I should be testing this device in low light circumstances - compare it especially with the Lumia 1020 of course.

Please feel free to add your own comments, based on the shots I shared in the last three posts, I'm really looking forward to your conclusions as well!

Update: I've promised this in a reaction below: new crops from the spiders. I felt the LG G2 had a big advantage of the crop being closer. So now I'll present practically the same crops from the originals. In some cases the originals are much larger, but that's the way it is for now. They are all resized to fit this page. I will link to the original crops that I will add on Flickr.

S LG G2 - Spider NEW CROP

S Nokia 808 PureView - Spider NEW CROP

S Nokia Lumia 1020 - Spider NEW CROP

S Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Spider NEW CROP

S Sony Xperia Z1 - Spider NEW CROP

In the spider's case, I think it's clear that I got the best results (!) from Korea... Not sure why though - was it me or the spider moving? I'm convinced - also after some of the shots in the previous posts - I could have gotten at least as much detail out of the Nokia 808 PureView.

Maybe I had a problem focussing here once again (it happened to me before with the 808 as you can see in the previous posts). It's not always as easy to come with a definite conclusion, especially not with handheld shots from moving objects.

I'm not done yet, either. Gonig to work on much wider shots and some in low light. Looking forward to those results as well, but I can't promiss I'll be able to share them soon. I won't fool with the results though, as I haven't done in the last three posts either.

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