Nokia promotes Rich Recording on Lumia 1520

It's somewhat confusing sometimes - it certainly has been a while since I've seen Nokia use the words "Rich Recording", and yet, today on YouTube, Nokia mentions the revolutionary audio recording technique once again: "Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Rich Recording with four high performance microphones built-in give you the perfect smartphone video and audio recording system".

Rich Recording was introduced with the Nokia 808 PureView. Working for radio for three decades now, I was absolutely blown away by the recording quality of the 808 PureView in Barcelona, February 2012. Back then, I made the very first Full HD video report with the Nokia 808 PureView - it's in Dutch since I made this recording for another site back then, but I put subtitles in it. You'll find just about every post I wrote about Rich Recording here.

I was quite disappointed the Lumia 920 didn't even offer stereo recording, and although Nokia Pro Cam does offer stereo recording on the Lumia 1020, it wasn't called "Rich" (not as far as I know at least). Update: it appears I got this wrong - Rich Recording was in fact re-introduced in Nokia Pro Cam on the Lumia 1020. Read more about "the next step" in this post. I do wonder (again) if it will be as good as on the Nokia 808 PureView, but it sure sounds promising as you can here in the video embedded below.

Nokia adds: "This live performance was captured using six Nokia Lumia 1520 prototypes. First we recorded the audio with a Nokia Lumia 1520 prototype from the center position. After that we filmed different video angles with the other five devices. Can you hear how directional mics work? Plug in your headset and enjoy!" I'd like to advise to choose Full HD as well :-)

On YouTube

Soon I hope to publish some more interesting information about Rich Recording! :-)

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