A strange love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instagram

About six weeks ago, I wrote PureViewClub is on Instagram. I wrote how I absolutely never really cared for Instagram - first it was iOS only, with filters to make miserable shots look appealing. Later, Instagram was about sharing better shots from iPhone cameras, adding filters for artistic purposes.

6tag_081113-161102And like I wrote earlier, next the Android community was able to join Instagram and a large part of the Apple community acted like there was an invasion of an inferior kind of people... Now soon, officially, another - although smaller - invasion will take place, now that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone.

6tag_101013-164059I guess everybody knows by now you already could share your shots on Instagram, using applications like Hipstamatic Oggl, Instance or 6Tag - which is the app I've been using for six weeks now.

Most likely, the Official Instagram app will attract much more Windows Phone users. I'm curious if the official app will be better than 6Tag, since I really like using it to share on Instagram since 6 weeks.


But why suddenly, do I love Instagram?

Maybe because - to my surprise - I appear to like the straightforward 1:1 format. With Nokia Pro Cam (now Nokia Camera) you can edit your shots in the exact 1:1 format you need. You could do that in the app, true - but you can't "zoom" using the app. Or give your shot or zoom the little twist, turning it exactly the way you like it. Zoom Reinvented, remember? Is that a big difference? To me it is, sure.

6tag_191013-232141Also, I like the fact that what you're sharing on Instagram is in some way less "pretentious". You can simply focus on a funny or remarkable detail you notice around you.

Coffee 1020I don't worry about whether I should capture it in 4:3 or 16:9, or how to make the best possible shot of that moment (and indeed Bigs, I don't have to worry about whatever kind of softness on any side of my shot :-)

But still there appears to be a thin line between a unusable and a good shot somewhere  - I´ve noticed not every shot is "fit for Instagram". I don't just click when I like what I see and share away. I do like to edit the shot, give it a twist if needed, choose a filter (only when it really adds something), but it's only useful with some shots.

6tag_201013-133344So there appears to be a kind of artistic challenge as well. Maybe it's this kind of "unpretentious art" I like about it. And I can see it's the same with many other people using Instagram. So yes, I'm sure I came to the party quite late, but it's good to know it's far from over yet :-)

Meanwhile, I wonder why Nokia is hardly sharing anything on Instagram... It's a very effective social network, Nokia already has more than 8000 people following since October 22nd this year! And they only shared two shots since then!? Guess it's not at the top of their priority list?

Below you'll see my most popular shot on Instagram, with 41 likes so far - it won't surprise you, I'm sure. Click on the shots to see them on Instagram, you know what to do if you're on Instagram as well :-)

6tag_031113-150937 large

PS yes, the title of this post is a  pun


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