Microsoft, please... fix the cog wheels issue!

This has got nothing to do with PureView or Rich Recording, but I think it deserves your attention. It's a bit more than annoying and something I think Microsoft really needs to fix: the turning cog wheels you can stare at for hours after resetting your Lumia device.

It appears to be more than just an incident: from the few times I had to reset a phone, it happened to me several times even... I think I have a 75% score at this moment, and that makes me really nervous about resetting a Windows Phone in general. A reset shouldn't take more than half an hour, but it can take up to even 24 hours before you'll see the screen saying you are looking at your Windows Phone...

Welcome to your windows phone pvc

Why this is, I have no idea. I did some surfing though, and found possible solutions I will try this evening, since I've been looking at the cog wheels myself once again, for more than 24 hours now (I can be quite patient). This time, it's a Lumia 1020 (the one I could swap with the device I use) that seems to be unable to get out of this "coma".

On WPCentral Forums, there are a few suggestions I'm going to try. First: a reset, pressing the volume down + power button (hold those buttons for about ten seconds, until it vibrates)... I've tried that twice already, but ended up looking at the cog wheels again so I gave up in the end.

But that was maybe too early, since on WPCentral I read you may have to try it for up to 15 times (!) before it "gets" you just want to reset your device. Important extra tip is that you'll have to wait for a few minutes before you try it again if it didn't work. So I guess I'll be doing quite a bit of resets maybe this evening.

You'll need to keep it charged at all times, since whatever it is that happens when those cog wheels are turning, it sure drains your battery - and pretty fast too.

Next suggestion is what I quote from forum member Slewis41: If the phone would still be stuck to spinning gears, here is a hardware reset that you need to press. Input these keys on the following sequence, press them one key at a time:
Volume up
Volume down
Power key
Volume down

Now I've seen that sequence earlier in this post over at Nokia. Haven't tried that one yet and I'm not sure it's going to work, since according to Nokia, your phone needs to be switched off first before you can get it into a menu that will accept this method. And you can't even switch off when the wheels are turning...

Cog wheels by Dave District

I just tried the sequence to no avail, so I'm waiting for the result of the next reset (volume down + power button). Meanwhile, I think this is absolutely insane - I have never seen a platform so irresilient to something absolutely basic like a reset, and it's becoming quite annoying.

So Microsoft, pretty please, with sugar on top, whatever the reason is: fix it, thank you.

But meanwhile, while I was writing all this and prepared to be even more patient than waiting for 24 hours, I'm suddenly ecstatic to be able to write that after my fourth or fifth reset (I lost count), the  Lumia 1020 sudddenly stopped showing me the cog wheels, telling me the simcard is missing...! :-)

double Lumia 1020

Yay! It's not "bricked", it doesn't need to be flashed at a service center after all. It's alive and charging - and even if it's for a short time only, I'll be able to compare the cameras of two different Lumia 1020's. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to those results! :-)

I hope this post will help anyone facing the cog wheels issue as long as it's there. To conclude: Microsoft, while your fixing stuff anyway: please let us enable WiFi before restoring the back-up? Thank you so much :-)

Update: It appears that Steve Litchfield already wrote about this issue a few weeks ago over at  AllAboutWindowsPhone, quoting from what MyNokiaBlog wrote about it earlier - I missed those two, I'm sorry. You'll be pointed to a fix in the updated "Nokia Software Updater for Retail" software, but there is a warning using this "may void your warranty", so it's up to you to install and use it or not. I'm pretty sure a repeated soft reset won't void your warranty in any way, anyway :-)

Update 2: Meanwhile, I've learned the GDR3 update will bring all I'm wishing for in this post. I've even learned HTC already is rolling it out, Nokia is still working on the Black update (with several other improvements). So my/our prayers will be answered after all. I hope it will be soon though (can't wait for Black, for one thing).

PS The beautiful shot of the cog wheels is a crop from a shot I  borrowed

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