First experiences with Nokia Refocus

QR Nokia Recofus

Just a short update to share that you can get Nokia Refocus immediately on your Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928 or 1020 (or 1520 if you're lucky enough already! :-)

Here is the QR Code as shared by Nokia Conversations. I downloaded the app and tried it immediately.

Like with the results from Cinemagraph, you can share the result by uploading it to a Nokia server.

You'll have to sign in with your Microsoft Live, Hotmail of Outlook account, and than you're all set to share the results directly on Twitter and/or Facebook.

My own experience so far is extremely limited of course, but I can already tell you that you'll really have to take care to hold your phone still while making the shot.

Maybe even more important, you'll have make sure the object you're capturing isn't moving either! :-) Something like a close-up of a leave can be ruined by even the slightest amount of wind, I've noticed.

And no wonder: the sequence of shots is made within seconds, but that's still too much for any moving object to get a good focus.

Several users have been noticing there seem to be two areas to "refocus" in stead of three. That might be a matter of experience as well though, and after trying I could actually make out three points to focus on in the first and second example. Only in the third example I can't find more than two.

Below you find my first three attempts - no photograhic masterpieces, but really much fun to realize! :-) Click on the shot to get to the original file to try what refocus looks like yourself.

Nokia Refocus test 1

Nokia Refocus test 2


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