Camera update: raw DNG coming to Amber? Answer: no. Got carried away. Sorry.

From my loyal tipper Nikhil Joshi I just received the following screenshot from his smartphone (?), about an update for Nokia Camera with which you can even shoot DNG raw files when your phone is running on Amber software...

Now my Lumia 1020 is waiting for Black and doesn't run on Amber, so I can't check it out - maybe you can? Let me know :-)

Update Nokia Camera

Update: Bummer, guess I got carried away. It says Nokia Camera will work on devices running on Amber, though with limited functionality.

But you'll definitely need the Black update to get the raw DNG format on your 1020 or 1520. It was a bit confusing I guess. Sorry about that. Oh and to confess even more of todays mistakes: the 1020 does run on Amber. Didn't notice that until I saw "extra's and info". Sigh.

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