MeeGo lives on in Jolla, Maemo in the Neo900

A disclaimer to begin with: this post has got nothing to do with imaging let alone PureView technology, so it's completely off-topic. But it's about small initiatives, and the PureView Club being a small initiative, I happen to like stuff like this.

Moreover (at least) it's Nokia related, since it's about Maemo and MeeGo - so about the very first platform burned by Nokia, and about the OS so many of the club visitors appear to adore as the best possible next step after Symbian. The "road not taken" by Nokia.


Jolla, as you probably know, is about to present its first smartphone in Helsinki. On November 27, the Finnish operator DNA will have the premiere with Jolla's first device that will be about the Meego OS more than anything else (since all other specs are not extremely exciting, but I have no doubt they will be sufficient at least).

I was really fond of Nokia's N9 although it was never officially released in my country. But that didn't stop me from getting one (I even owned the famous N950 myself for a short period - I even made this silly video about it, based on the way I captured it with the Nokia 808 PureView).

And I do like the design of Jolla's first smartphone! I think the dual concept - "Personalise your Jolla with "The Other Half" smart covers to match your mood and persona" - is pretty smart and looks very attractive. Camera-wise, I'm not expecting too much of Jolla's first smartphone, but I already wrote this post isn't about imaging, and yes, I'd like to get my hands on one of these new Jolla smartphones :-)


Now so far, this is probably "old news" to most of you. But this week I learned there is more - another initiative, and a lot smaller even. It's about an attempt to revive the Nokia N900 - not just by using the next generation Maemo platform, but also by using the casing of the N900 itself... And my guess is this won't be "old news" to many of you.

On the website, it reads: "The Neo900 project aims to provide a Fremantle ( Maemo™ 5) compatible successor to the N900, with a faster CPU, more RAM and an LTE modem. This is all based on a free, mature and stable platform - the  GTA04. We'll provide complete, ready-to-use devices, as well as motherboard replacements for your current devices."

Neo900 screenshot 2

The whole idea is a lot more "geeky" than I can handle, but I'm sure there are club visitors interested in stuff like this, and the first goal of the project is quite modest in fact: they need at least (only) 200 customers willing to buy a device. And as they write "if we can plan for an initial batch of 1 000 devices, we can reduce cost of the device. Every donation starting from 100 € counts as one device to build."

Neo900 screenshot 3

This initiative is more about the platform than about anything else - even more so since like I wrote, the Neo900 will be built in the casing of the old N900. If you want to know more you can read all about Neo900's specs here.

Personally, I'd be more interested in the first Jolla smartphone (although the N900 had a very good Carl Zeiss camera back then :-), but if you are really into a 100% open OS, the Neo900 initiative might be just the thing for you. At this moment there are 153 interested customers already - so only 47 more before they reach their first goal.

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