Nokia Lumia 1020 vs the... Nikon D800

Over at The Electrical Engineer Evan Tchelepi published a spectacular comparison between the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Nikon D800 which you will find here. It's extremely tempting to quote the brilliant comparison in full with all shots and detailed crops, but I will just leave it a the following two shots (from the San Francisco Ferry Building) and some words from the conclusion (below)

Now I don't want to spoil anything - in fact I feel sure you'll want to read the full article especially when I share his conclusion here:Could the Nikon beat the Nokia on every image? A definitive yes. The lens 28-105 appeared to fall short of the resolving power a 36 mpix sensor could muster. Choosing a better lens, choosing to use a tripod, choosing to use mirror lock up could easily have turned this into a Nikon shutout. This is to say nothing of the boundaries you can push the Nikon's astounding RAW files.

But I didn't bring a tripod, I didn't have the best 28mm lens, I used auto focus, and I didn't do anything that needed the benefits of RAW. I believe that is where the Nokia shines. It took the photos in the same wind, with the same photographer, of the same scene. It lent me all the controls I would want, and more then enough resolution to be satisfied.

There is something to be said about a camera that costs less then a typical quality lens, fits into a pocket, and can immediately share the photos. If I wanted to wander around the city with a 28mm lens, the Nokia would be a sufficient substitute for the Nikon.

Nokia did something special with the 1020. More then any other camera phone, they made the 1020 feel like something meant for a photographer. It's always there in your pocket. A nondescript phone packing a camera that under the right conditions holds up against a bigger SLR rival.

I went in thinking the Nikon would blow the 1020 away, but was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise. It's not an SLR replacement, nor tries to be. But when the camera you have on you is what matters, I now feel I'm making less of a compromise then I had before.

Curious how he got to this conclusion? See all the shots he compared, including the crops he shared? Go visit The Electrical Engineer. I think it's totally worth your time.

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