Some great shots from the... Nokia Lumia 720!

Well, it wasn't supposed to be "PureView", but still, you can make some very nice shots with the Nokia Lumia 720, as I saw today in a post by Juha Lappalainen. According to his Twitter bio he's "a recent Finance graduate from Finland who is also a passionate amateur photographer  and traveler" and you'll find his blog here.

From his blog I quote: "I wanted to make a post with some of the photos that I’ve taken with the Nokia Lumia 720 on the streets of Bangkok and Bali. The 720 is a splendidly slim smart phone with a surprisingly good camera. The camera has a 6.7 MP sensor and a bright F/1.9 Carl Zeiss lens which makes it pretty good for low light stuff. Naturally it’s no match to the likes of Nokia 808 Pureview or Nokia Lumia 1020, but for a mid range device it’s excellent."

Which is true, as you will see. The only thing I could add is that's isn't hard to find a reasonably priced Lumia 720 either, and it's a very nice device to work with! I'll just borrow a few shots from his site to inspire you to go and see the rest for yourself here. Click on the shots to see the original size he offers.

That's all for now - you will find some great b/w shots on his blog as well, so go have a look, it's worth your time :-) And please join PureViewClub on  TwitterFacebookFlickrGoogle+ and  Instagram!

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