A new beginning... Plain sailing, Jolla!

Sure, this blog is about Nokia's PureView technology (and rich recording, too). Nevertheless this is the second post of today that isn't "PureView" - and it's not even about Nokia this time.

This is about MeeGo, the mobile platform admired by so many Nokia fans up until today. This is about Jolla, a company founded by about 80 ex-Nokia employees, who officially presented their first device this evening.

And although the Nokia N9 was never officially released in my country and I only used it for a brief time, I liked the UI (now Sailfish OS) - a lot and I wish Jolla the best. If you want to learn about how it works, check the Jolla Guide. You can follow Jolla on Twitter and Jolla is on Facebook, too.

So here's to Jolla, with the first official "a new beginning" video. I hope Nokia will be gentlemenlike to wish Jolla well, too - personally, I have nothing but admiration for such a small team pursuing their dream. Plain sailing Jolla!

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