Nokia announces 808 PureView: 41 MegaPixel!

On February 27th, Nokia completely surprises the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, announcing a revolutionary camera phone. The announcement is baffling: the Nokia PureView 808 offers a 41 Megapixel sensor behind the Carl Zeiss lens, promising perfect picture quality.

But this device doesn’t make huge pictures you could never send to friends, you can choose your own favorite size to save the pictures in: from 2MP, 3MP, 5MP up to 8MP. And if you want to work on the picture later, you can actually save it in “full resolution” as well. It shoots video in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) and 30fps maximum, but you can choose smaller formats.

Press and even more, press photographers are overwhelmed by the announcement: Nokia seems to have realized something impossible. It’s not a small, nor a lightweight device: it weighs 169 grams. The Carl Zeiss lense and Xenon flash stick out from the back of the 808 PureView, making it thicker than people are now used to. The 4 inch display is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass and offers the same ClearBlack technology known from Nokia’s Lumia series. It has 16GB of internal memory, offering a slot for Micro-SD (up to 48Gb).

Since Nokia has been developing this device for years, it works on Nokia Belle, that has already proven to be a highly usable new version of what once known as Symbian. One of the obvious advantages is that this device will be standby a lot longer than we are used to on the now popular platforms. Nokia even claims the 1400mAH battery will last 465 hours on the GSM network. Also, Nokia will offer it’s own Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive on the 808 PureView.

Other specifications are: Stereo radio, FM transmitter, GPS, compass, accelerometer, Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI, DLNA, NFC. The best camera phone on the planet will be available around June this year, in the colors white, red and black. Details on pricing and availability are still unclear.