TIPA Award for PureView technology

Nokia´s PureView technology has today been awarded with an important prize: the TIPA Award for "Best Imaging Innovation". It is the second important award before the 808 PureView has even been officially released. Nokia was honored with the prize during an event in Capetown, South Africa.

It´s important to point out that the 808 Pureview itself has not (yet) received the award, but the technology Nokia introduces with the camera on this device. TIPA stands for Technical Image Press Association and its rewards are very prestigious in the camera industry.

On the TIPA website, it says: “Camera phones have often been criticized for inferior photo quality. But those days are over now that Nokia PureView technology has arrived. As implemented in the pioneering Nokia 808 PureView, a comparatively huge sensor - both in terms of physical size (1/1.2 inch) and resolution (41 MP) - serves as the key to real world photographic performance. Nokia PureView technology also uses smart pixel oversampling techniques for lossless digital zooming and noise free photos and videos. Nokia PureView technology is only the beginning of a revolution in mobile imaging, as Nokia promises to bring it to more products in the future.”

A spokesperson at TIPA confirmed: “In the 808 PureView incarnation we appreciated the extra large sensor – by camera phone standards (1/1.2 inch) – with the huge 41MP resolution and the ingenious way this resolution is exploited (by oversampling) to supply lossless zooming. In this way Nokia has overcome one of the main drawbacks of camera phones, i.e. unsatisfactory performance with zoom.

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has been looking for the best photo and video products since 1991. It is a very prestigious institute, especially since 2009 it is a global organization of photo and imaging magazines.  Nokia has been awarded many times before by the members of TIPA: for the N80 (2006), N95 (2007), N82 (2008) and N86 (2009).