Nokia 808 PureView arrives with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1

When you will get your hands on the Nokia 808 PureView, in it you will find the newest version of Nokia Belle, subtitled "Feature Pack 1". This offers a few important new Features. First a new entertainment experience via Dolby ® Digital Plus and Dolby ® Headphone. When connecting any stereo headset to a Symbian smartphone running on Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 the sound from the device will automatically be turned into a true Dolby ®Surround sound.

Second, improved and faster browser with HTML 5 support, the latest version of Nokia Maps, and via an additional IAD update, Microsoft Apps that will enable the best mobile office in the market. And last but not least: secure NFC applications like mobile payments and ticketing. Other Nokia phone will also receive the feature pack 1 update, like the Nokia 603, 700 and 701. You may find a lot more information on the update at the guys from AllAboutSymbian.