Finnish operator DNA will offer Nokia 808 PureView on contract

The Finnish operator DNA will offer the Nokia 808 PureView soon. In Finland it works a a bit different than in many other countries. You pick the contract you want, and added to that, you will pay a monthly fee extra for the phone you choose. For the Nokia 808 PureView you will have to pay a monthly €23 for two years– independent from what kind of contract you choose. You can also choose a two year contract, than you will pay €45 every month, adding up to €540 for the 808 PureView.

For instance the “DNA Joustava 200” package is €9,90 a month, so if you choose that, in two years you will pay about €240 for the contract and €552 for the phone. You can also choose to pay the €552 for the 808 at once, but you still have to pay the contract for two years. The contract gives you 200 call minutes, 200 SMS or anything in between. On their website though, it's not yet possible to find the Nokia 808 PureView.

Via MyNokiaBlog