Nokia 808 PureView hard cover and more accessories

Nokia has recommended a few accessories for it's 808 PureView, but just one of them (yet) is especially designed for it: a protective case, the Hard Cover CC-3046. When you plan to use your 808 PureView outdoor a lot, it seems wise to get your hands on this as well. Not only will it protect the body, but it can also cover up the lense and flash. There will be two colors available: black  and red. Prices are still not known, but accessories like these will usually cost you about €40 (just guessing)

Furthermore, there is the Nokia Tripod Mount,  previously released for the Nokia N8. It's a tight grip to put your phone  in, so you can safely attach it to a tripod as camerastand. It’s not the most renowned design, but it’s very stable and that’s what counts. Other recommend accessories are the Nokia Micro HDMI Cable CA-198 which we feel could have been  included in the package.

And there's the Nokia Portable Charger DC-16, which we have seen during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year (the picture below is ours), but never again since. It’s a remarkably designed battery where you actually can charge just about any modern phone with. You can see several pictures of accessories for or with the 808 PureView after the break.

Nokia Hard Cover CC-3046

Nokia HH-23 Tripod Mount

Nokia DC-16 portable charger

Nokia 808 PureRiew in red with hdmi cable

Nokia 808 PureView with Bluetooth headset BH-221