All About Nokia Belle - 3. Public Transport, City Lense & Roundup

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Nokia Public Transport
Since it acquired NavTeq, Nokia is in the knowing-where-things-are business. And how to get there. And even how much traffic you may expect along the way. Check for instance on your computer or (whatever) tablet, find an address and check how busy the roads are. If you want to be even more amazed, watch a city like Paris or London in 3D (plug-in required). See picture and read more after the break

All this information leads to a handy app like Nokia Public Transport, that in several bigger cities will tell you which means of public transportation are at your disposal. We’ve seen it work in Barcelona for instance, and it proved to be of great use. Bigger cities will follow.

Nokia City Lense
What also will follow in due time is Nokia City Lense, the augmented reality app by Nokia, where everything that is knows from a huge area around you, is made available at your fingertips.

I’ve tested that on the Nokia E7 as well. It will show you a wide choice of places you might be looking for, like you can see in the screenshot below.

What you will find depends of course where you are. There are two ways to navigate: looking in the camera viewfinder, your phone will help you discover the places all around you. But you can also view the nearby points of interest as a list.

As for now, Nokia City Lense is still in Beta, but if you can’t wait to try it out on your own device on Nokia Symbian of Nokia Belle, you can get your own version by registering at  Nokia Betalabs . Here you can download the install file for  Nokia City Lense. We are not sure on which phone it will work or won’t, since it proved a bit too much for the Nokia 603... It works on the E7, and we're quite confident it will work on the 808 PureView though.

Round up
Well, here it is: our lengthy introduction to Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. It offers tons of apps and widgets, your social networks are covered, Whatsapp is free, just like Microsoft Apps and of course Nokia Drive, Nokia Map, Nokia Public Transport and Nokia City Lense. And last but not least: the Nokia 808 PureView runs on it.

This ends our lenghty introduction for those who don’t really (or really don’t) know the classic Nokia platform or what has become of it. We're curious which impression you have after reading all this. Did it change the way you feel about  this platform? We’d love to read your comments, below or in the forum.

All about Nokia Belle part 1
All about Nokia Belle part 2