Nokia 808 PureView expensive on Amazon UK

We've come across some new price information, this time on Amazon UK. You can find the black version of the Nokia 808 PureView for £499.98. The white version however (no picture available?), is even more expensive at £529.99.

Since one pound is €1,25 at the moment, it looks like the Nokia 808 PureView will be around €640, which seems too serious an amount of money for the device. Some more math: at this price level it would be more than $800 to get your hands on it in the US, and in India, where it will launch first, it would be around Rs 44.000! In our opinion: no way the official price will be that high.

First, the average income in India is much lower, so it would be impossible to sell the 808 PureView for that kind of fortune, except for maybe the first month or so. In Europe, around €600 is a normal price range for a high-end smartphone, but will the Nokia 808 PureView be considered to be one? Viewing the popularity of the OS, that is not very likely.

So the price can't seriously be as high as this - and the same goes for the United Kingdom. It could also very well be that at Amazon UK, they are trying to get the ones who desperately want to be the first to have it. Frankly speaking, we think we are the among those premature fans of the 808 PureView - and we don't plan to order it for that price. Not even when there would be an image available.