Comparison Nokia 808 PureView with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and iPhone 4S

How's your Russian? Ours isn't, period. But Google helps a bit, so it might be useful to tip there's a Russian site that as of today has a lot of samples comparing the picture and video quality of the Nokia 808 with that of the Samsung Galaxy S III (!), the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Frankly, we would have liked to see the Sony Xperia S and Nokia's N8 in this comparison as well, but it's a great thing they're already showing some results of both the new Samsung Galaxy S III and of course the 808 PureView this site is all about.

Now we'll provide you with the link, with the warning the site seems extremely heave due to the huge amount of pictures and links. In our experience, loading everything took quite a lot of time, and we're on a fast connection. So you need some patience to watch it all at

Update: if you would just like to see how the Nokia 808 PureView did, you can find the exact same pictures over here. We took the liberty to "borrow" one of the pictures offered there, at the last link you can open the pictures in full resolution as well. Quite impressive!