What's the new Nokia video in LA all about?

So when we saw it for the first time about an hour ago we thought, 'well, nice, but what's the point'. And suddenly we thought - the full HD quality, even in 1080p, the vibrant colors, the joy: are they trying to communicate the Nokia 808 PureView here? Than we figured it wouldn't make much sense without even naming the device - and more or less forgot about the whole thing.

But a bit later, Jay Montano from mynokiablog.com suspects the exact same thing! So we're happy to quote him on this one, since it stresses the same point. There should be a point in all this. So what is it? The Nokia 808 PureView? We certainly hope so, the quality of the video is breathtaking... - and you can see it after the break.

We've looked at it for 12 times in a row. We just KNOW it's the Nokia 808 PureView. What else could it be about? What do you think?