Unique pictures from Nokia 808 PureView at Carl Zeiss HQ in Germany

We're proud to publish a few unique pictures made with the Nokia 808 PureView. Yesterday, Nokia organised a meeting at the Carl Zeiss Headquarters in the German town of Oberkochen.

The sunny day made for a perfect setting for the first Nokia 808 PureView hands-on we have been reading so much about. After a tour through the Carl Zeiss exposition area, all journalists had the opportunity to experience the device we're all waiting for. The pictures below were made with the 808 PureView even before it was handed out for testing.

This photo outside was made at the beginning of the meeting, still outside the Carl Zeiss office.

Of course, during presentations you will watch some kind projected text - this picture was also taken with the 808 PureView, we made it a lot smaller (640x360) to share it with you here. Directly below, you'll see details from the exact same picture.

On this picture, you can already see some more of the details.

And in this one, you can actually read all text that was impossible to read in the previous pictures. Keep in mind: this is all taken (and resized) from the same picture... It shows how much detail the sensor of the Nokia 808 PureView captures.

The last three pictures are from the presentation with a model, holding some other very nice Carl Zeiss equipment - and an exceptional violin as well. These pictures are also resized to 640x360 pixels, to fit the screen. If you think you see smoke in the last picture, you're right (it's part of the show ;-). You can see these and more pictures in larger size on our  Flickr account.

Again, we'd like to stress all pictures were made with the Nokia 808 PureView - even the ones where you see someone holding it. Again, we've uploaded these and even more pictures on our Flickr account. We hope you'll enjoy them!

Update: we've added six more photo's to our Flickr account (link above)