Dutch tulips, captured in April (!) with the Nokia 808 Pureview

Taking your wife to the Floriade in Holland is already a feast filled with colorful flowers. Being able to bring the Nokia 808 PureView with you, makes it an even bigger feast - for you. And when you can do so on the 23rd of April (!) already, you must have some of the earliest  pictures made with the very best camera phone on the planet.

We're extremely happy to have a friend in Jurgen Thysmans, who's willing to share those pictures with us and our readers. You can find them all below, and in much bigger size on Flickr (link at the bottom of this post).

First, we will give you the resized photos (640x360 pixels) to simply enjoy.

And now let's get into some detail, like we do here...

With this as a result... Yes, the ladybug was out of focus, but the details below her are gorgeous we believe!

Let's do it once more...

And look who's here!

And once more

And look at the detail...

So, we think that's enough to convince you of the spectacular capacities of the Nokia 808 PureView. You can find all original sizes in our Flickr Photostream. We really hope you've enjoyed these pictures as much as we did. If so, please spread the word. Kudo's to Jurgen Thysmans!