Nokia 808 PureView "Mount Everest" up for charity auction (until june 5)

Remember we wrote about the Nokia 808 PureView approaching the Mount Everest? The Finnish mountain climber Atte Miettinen from Dubai got his 808 PureView from Nokia when they learned he would climb the Seven Summits. It was a perfect chance to make some beautiful pictures with the device you can find on his Facebook page. And now that he is back, he has put his Nokia 808 PureView up for sale. Not on eBay, but on a more local site in Dubai, called Dubizzle. Whatever he makes from it goes to charity.

He writes: "The guys from Nokia have been so kind to give me the first 41 MegaPixel phone worldwide - the Nokia 808 PureView. I took some awesome pictures on my way up Mt. Everest and I stayed connected. So now that I’ve reached the top, I’m selling my phone with all these pictures on it. The proceeds are going to Dubai Autism Centre, who help to integrate children with Autism into the community."

How to enter you can find on the website. It's quite simple: send an e-mail with your offer (in AED), and hope you'll have the highest bid. Not only will you get your hands on one of the very first Nokia 808 PureView devices, all the pictures he made during his trip will be on it as well.  I'm not sure if you can join when you live outside the United Arabic Emirates, but why not give it a try? You have from today until the 5th of June. Pictures by mr. Miettinen.

(Thanks to @DKeraiM)