Remarkable price differences in Northern-Europe

It keeps surprising us how even the same webshops will charge you different prices in different countries for the Nokia 808 PureView. We've already mentioned Amazon in the UK (around €640), Spain (€578) and Germany (€509!)

Now we find another remarkable difference: the Smartphoneshop in The Netherlands and Belgium. In The Netherlands, you will pay €599 for the device, in Belgium €649 (the same in Portugal by the way). In Belgium you have to pay 2% more VAT (21% in stead of 19%). VAT excluded the difference is smaller: €503 in the Netherlands and €536 in Belgium.

Another shop in Belgium, Centralpoint, sells the Nokia 808 PureView for €615 (€509 ex VAT). That's already cheaper, but if you live in Germany or have relatives there, the offer on still proves to be a bargain: it charges you only €509 for the Nokia 808 PureView - including VAT...

(thank you forum member Sir Stonehill for the update on Belgium)