Frustration about delay Nokia 808 PureView

Everyone seems to be just as eager to get their hands on the Nokia 808 PureView as we are... But it seems the device is being delayed by Nokia, which proves to be quite frustrating to many future customers. Some even believe it's done on purpose, weakening Nokia's position  so it will be easier to buy for Microsoft... That's looks a bit far-fetched, though. Here's my two cents on the delay.

As for the launch: it’s inevitable there will be at least some time between the moment to announce a device and the time to get it out there in the shops. I remember how it could take up to almost a year after Nokia's announcement before you could actually buy the device - and it was always worth the wait.

But also, I remember the time that consumers became furious about buggy software of devices launched too early, degrading them to beta testers, endlessly awaiting the necessary upgrades (remember the N96?)

Actually I think it’s not so bad there is a reasonable amount of time between announcement and launch. I’m sure people would rather wait for a few more weeks, months even, when they really know they want this device – and not be sorry they bought something else because an announcement came at the last moment. And I'm sure customers hate buggy software even more than having to be patient.

So what is a “reasonable amount”? It depends on many factors, like is it just an updated device or does it present a revolutionary new technology? The last one applies in this case, and it obviously needs more time than we all hoped for. And I’m impatient too, but I prefer a perfectly running smartphone myself.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands we're expecting the Nokia 808 PureView mid june. That´s two more weeks. In light of the many rumours, I can only hope that date will prove to be correct.