Early Rich Recording with Nokia 808 PureView

I won't go as far as to say it's the first, but it must be one of the first concert recordings made with the Nokia 808 PureView - and many more will follow. Not only does the Nokia 808 PureView boast a 41MP camera, Rich Recording is a impressive technical improvement as well. I've shown it already in my own short demonstration during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - as far as I know the first videoreport ever made with the device.

There already, I was totally overwhelmed by the sound quality of a concert recording one of the Nokia employees showed me on the 808 PureView - he swore he made the recording with it, but he couldn't give me a copy of the file (understandable though). I have been really looking forward to make my own first concert recording, but now Kaptengaban from Indonesia beat me to it in Jakarta, as you can see in the link, or below.

It shows Momo Geisha featuring Henri Lamiri performing the song Cobalah Mengerti. I think it still doesn't show what Rich Recording is really capable of, probably due to a large distance from the stage in a large concert hall - notice how the maker zooms in and out during recording as well. I really think this is worth watching and listening to!

Thanks MyNokiaBlog