Countdown in India: June 6 is PureView Day (UPDATE)

Nokia has launched an interesting site in India, obviously counting down to the launch of the Nokia 808 PureView. You'll find it on You´ll have to guess where a detail comes from, of course to surprise you about the amount of detail the 808 PureView captures.

After that you can leave your email for more information, and you will receive an e-mail saying: Thank you for your interest.

Get ready to discover the hidden stories in every picture. Stay tuned and you could start winning exciting Nokia Goodies, including the next breakthrough smartphone. Below you'll find an example - first the question, than the picture where the detail came from.

From there, you are guided to Nokia India on Facebook. At the time I found this Countdown, there were 120 hours left (the picture above is obviously taken a bit later), so that's exactly five days. So I figure wednesday 6th of june will be PureView Day in India, whatever that may mean. Anyway, the Nokia 808 is definitely closing in.

UPDATE: we just learned from that the 6th of June wil NOT be the release date, but just a date for when the “Pre-Launch Activities” start. That's very disappointing to us, let alone for all the people eagerly awaiting the Nokia 808 PureView in India... Hang in there. Our day will come!