A personal note: 10 years of mobile photography

This is no hard news, but just a personal note. I've been passionate about camera phones since the very first possibility you could make pictures with them, now ten years ago. But it's something I've only come to realize until recent.

And I know exactly what triggered it: the Nokia 808 PureView. I was in Barcelona when this camera-phone was announced and I was overwhelmed by it. Every day at the Mobile World Congress in BaceIona I simply had to go there and watch this amazing device. That's why I started the PureViewClub.

Since 2001 I've been reviewing smartphones for magazines and weblogs in the Netherlands, so I was always lucky enough to work with the newest devices. Back in 2001, I didn't use the Noka 7650 (the first camera phone in Europe), because I just spent a fortune on the Nokia 9210 with the eye-Q camera that came in the special edition.

I put everything I’ve earned writing about mobile in that Communicator. I could send pictures from the eye-Q camera to the 9210 using IrDA, which was mobile enough for me: it enabled me to directly send my first mobile pictures over GPRS.

Dozens of smartphones followed, (almost) all of them had a camera built in, and I’ve carefully saved all pictures made with them – several thousands of them. Of course, most of them are memories to be cherished – not so strange since my youngest daughter was born in 2001.

But there is not much quality to share, let alone publish, in a VGA camera, or a 1,3MP camera, or even the older 2MP or 3,1MP resolution.

That started to change when the first smartphones with a 5MP resolution came, especially when they were combined with better lenses (Carl Zeiss) and flashes (Xenon).

After that making mobile pictures became more than just capturing memories – I even got some artistic ambitions. The only thing I missed was an optical zoom but that has now been tackled by Nokia as well.

There are a few smartphones I’ve got particularly fond memories of and I believe I made some remarkable pictures with them. They are the Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N8, the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson X10 and Xperia Arc, more recent the Sony Xperia S and HTC One X.

Even more recent I received the Galaxy S III, just a few days ago actually, so I didn’t have the time to make some noteworthy pictures with it - yet, but I’m sure I will. On my last holidays and trips I brought a "classic" digital camera, but I didn't even touch it anymore.

And today, I’ve ordered my Nokia 808 PureView, the device that made me realize mobile photography has been my passion for over the years. So I finally opened a Flickr account, where you can see and compare a lot of pictures I’ve made home and abroad (the last ones in Greece) with ten different smartphones, organized in dedicated sets.

It’s my personal account, all the (original) pictures in this blog came from it as well. I picked them at random, more or less. I hope you'll like what you find on my personal Flickr account, and be sure I will post the best results from my future Nokia 808 PureView as well. Enjoy!