Astonishing pictures by Nokia 808 PureView

Disclaimer: I don't really know for sure whether this picture from China was actually made with the Nokia 808 PureView. On Twitter  @belon1986 claims it is, and when I visit the website mentioned in the picture, it's of course hard to understand what it is all about.  Again, any help would be appreciated. Also, I can't open the pictures that are shown there in smaller format.

But: using Google Translate I can see the Nokia 808 PureView is being mentioned, so that's an interesting confirmation already. So although I'm still waiting for an answer of @belon1986, I'd think it's worth your while to show you this picture, which is absolutely astonishing I think. Here´s the biggest available format.

From @belon1986 timeline I copied another very nice picture, obviously shot at night. I really hope he doesn't mind me bringing the same picture here in smaller format. Thank you for sharing these with us.