Unique Recording! Nokia 808 PureView - Mumford & Sons, Pinkpop, The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, for decades people are attracted by a huge pop/rockfestival called PinkPop. Traditionally - since 1970! - the festival takes place on the Pentecost weekend, in the Southern part of Holland, in a small place called Landgraaf.

The festival lasts for three days and features the greatest pop- and rockstars around. It attracts  about 60.000 people each day. And this year, for the last time, only one of them carried a Nokia 808 PureView

I happened to be around as well, and got copies of two of the (short) recordings made during the festival. In this post you will see Mumford & Sons playing Little Lion Man.

However: do not just pay attention to the band on stage – it’s far away.
Also watch how the Nokia 808 PureView has captured the audience nearby.

Don't forget to look at the seamless zoom in the video.
And last but not least: listen to the sound quality of this recording.
With a headset. At maximum volume. I'm serious, I've heard it already. Try it.

I really think you'll be amazed this was all (!) captured by one smartphone, without any extra gear. And please share your thoughts about what you think of this recording below.

In our second post about Pinkpop, you will see and hear Seasick Steve!