The Nokia 808 PureView stolen in India. The "Story within a Story" continues... (Update)

First everyone ( including me) got all excited about the probable launch of the Nokia 808 PureView in India. A counter at clearly showed June 6 as the day when at least something big would happen.

But in the end the counter never really stopped so the wait isn't over yet. And after the site has been down for maintanance, now it shows the start of a whole new "story within a story" online!

The Nokia 808 PureView isn't there yet, that's obvious. But they need to keep the focus on the device, so now they're announcing a hunting game: discover which one of the three prime suspects stole the "one breakthrough smartphone" with the help of "seven cryptic pictures" .

The above picture is the only one now online, but our friend from managed to make some more pictures earlier today (thank God for time differences), and I won't keep them from you:

From what I have seen, the contest will take seven days. Crack the case everyday and you might win the Nokia 808 PureView. Each day of the contest they are giving away a Nokia Purity HD Stereo headset by Monster, and when you get others to enter the contest you might win a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker (I know them both, they are really worth entering the contest for alone).

So: will you start cracking this case as soon as it's open for investigation?

UPDATE: the case is open for investigation now, so see for yourself and if you plan to be a detective, good luck! :-)