Nokia 808 PureView is finally closing in!

Lots of excitement all over the twitter community, although the Nokia 808 PureView is far from trending yet. For instance:  @aboodesta is overwhelmed with joy he can get his device tomorrow morning at 8PM  in the local Nokia Store in the United Arabic Emirates.

We know it's coming to Singapore tomorrow as well, and Hisham Mohd ( @mhisham) has posted a very nice picture on Path which I took the liberty to borrow (hope you don't mind! ;-)

Also from Singapore @okl1970 is sharing his joy with "Yessss, it's finally here! S$849 with no contract. Black or white." Well almost, but the eager customers in the United Arabic Emirates and Singapore are really lucky to be among the first to be able to buy the first PureView device ever.

Italy is hoping to get the 808 PureView on the 14th of June, a lot of tweets from Indonesia about the device as well, all referring to the same article from RIMA, and some people are even getting excited about a  dummy in a store in Malaysia. India expects the Nokia 808 quite soon as well, we were told it will  be next tuesday already.

The Netherlands - since today I know for a fact I have some Dutch readers as well ;-) - are expected to receive the Nokia 808 PureView next Friday june 15th. From whatever distance you are reading this, you'll probably be able to feel the way I'm looking forward to that day...