Ladies and gentleman... We got him! Unboxing the Nokia 808 PureView

Early this morning I got a phonecall from Nokia, asking me if I would have time to pick up the Nokia 808 PureView. Well, what would you do? I stopped breathing for a small minute, got in the car, hit the gas. And now the black version is on my desk - and I'm one happy blogger I can tell you!

As many bloggers, I happen to have a steady job as well, so now I'll have to work a bit harder to catch up. But I will gladly share some of the picture I made of the Nokia 808 PureView, like I have already done this morning on Twitter. So here you are. Expect many more pictures and videos made with it soon!


Much more pictures after the break!

So that's all for now. Very soon I hope to be able to show the quality of the camera and write about my own very first experiences with the Nokia 808 PureView. Already, it has updated the device with Microsoft Apps and a the new Nokia Maps Suite. Will keep you posted! Like what you saw here? Spread the word to join the PureView Club! :-)