Some flowers from The Netherlands

It's been quite a day - actually, thursday is already long gone over here. Since the unboxing pictures (and yes, proud that those even made it to, our Twitter account has doubled (can still use a lot more followers though ;-) and the amount of visitors at the PureViewClub has quadrupled.

So what can I say, I'm thankful, to @NokiaNL for providing me with the 808 PureView so much ahead of the greater part of the rest of the world (!) and to all the new visitors and fans of the PureViewClub.

One of them, @johnhodorowicz, said he was curious about the low light camera performance. Maybe I should have thought of that before, because  we had our share of low light today. Now, outside it's dark and the low lights are in the house.

So I finally took a simple picture of some roses in a vase in low light, no flash, autofocus, nothing fancy really, but the colors are quite accurate and I just thought it would be a nice idea to send you some flowers from over here. See y'all tomorrow I hope.