The sun was out: some morning shots (on Flickr)

Woke up and saw the sun was out, finally - only one  thought sprang to mind: PureView! I hurried out of bed, took the Nokia 808 PureView and made some outside shots in the bright morning light. There was quite a lot of wind though, which is not very practical if you are taking pictures of trees with very tiny leaves. Also, I haven't really worked with the camerafunction a lot, so please consider this to be the first test shots. I'm sharing them with you because I know you're all really curious.
A few words about the ease of use of the camerafunction: that really suprises me, the interface is very easy, you can change between 16:9 or 4:3 very fast, or choose the 2MP, 5MP, 8MP or full resolution in just an instant.

Also, the camera starts upextremely fast and remembers the last setting - even things like maximum focus. You can find these first pictures on the PureViewClub Flickr account. Just some trees, leaves, and one dog, a husky - the only real subject I got early in the morning, he loved the Nokia 808 as well.

You'll find pictures in 2MP, 5MP and 8MP, even one in full resolution (34MP), and you'll find some with maximum zoom. You'll see that the lower your resolution is, the further you can zoom in. That's PureView technology for you. I hope you will like these first shots. I know: these aren't photographic masterpieces, I'm not in New Zealand or colorful Greece. But they will have to do for now, soon more, however, no doubt. Here are the resized versions of the pictures you can find on the Flickr account. In 640x360 size, I don't think you'll see much difference between the 2MP, 5MP and 8MP, so this is just the standard 5MP shot.
It's interesting to see if you zoom in the exact same shot, a wooden bench between the trees. First it's zoomed in at maximum with 8MP, below with 5MP and then 2MP. The lower the resolution you choose, the further you can zoom in. For a simple technical explanation please see one my early posts about PureView.
This was taken from say about 30 meters distance by the way. The next close ups (maximum zoom) are taken at close range. Again, early in the morning, I found some leaves as the most quiet models (in spite of the wind). Again, first with 8MP, than 5MP and 2MP, shot from the exact same distance.
And than there's the husky so many of you have spotted already. I planned to make a few pictures from this beauty, but another dog came along and the owner of the husky didn't really trust the situation. Shot from close distance (no zoom) in 8MP, the husky just loves the camera, as you can see :-)
Like I said, you can find all pictures in original format in one of the sets on the PureViewClub Flickr Account. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!